Terms & Conditions

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At Mucky Paws Grooming your animals’ happiness and wellbeing is our number one priority and we would always treat your animal as one of our own.

1. You the owner agree to give us the Mucky Paws Grooming staff authority to proceed and do all of the following to your animal:-

  • Ear hair removed
  • Ears cleaned
  • Nails trimmed
  • Bathing in suitable shampoo/conditioner
  • Blow dried
  • Styled and trimmed to your requirements

2.  You agree that in the situation where your animal becomes aggressive towards a member of staff, we may no longer be able to continue to groom your animal; your animal will be returned back to you, even if we are not able to complete the whole grooming.

3. You understand that if you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointed time, you will have to be rebooked for another time, as your appointment would conflict with other client’s time.

4. In the event that you fail to attend your appointment twice, without informing us before your appointed time, we will then require a 50% deposit that is non-refundable but will be taken off your next appointment if you arrive.

5. You fully agree that, animals are animals, and when mixing live sudden moving animals, with sharp scissors, there is always a possibility, that your animal could get nicked. In this unlikely event, you do not hold Mucky Paws Grooming responsible in any way. In the very extremely rare sad event that your animal may become, ill, suffer fatality, or injuries to his or herself in any shape or form, you do not hold Mucky Paws Grooming responsible whatsoever.

6. We at Mucky Paws Grooming always use, high quality products, without harmful chemicals in them. We always try to use the best suitable shampoo for your animals’ individual skin and coat type, however, there is always a small risk that your animal maybe allergic to the shampoo products. In this event, you the owner do not hold Mucky Paws Salon responsible and understand this fully.

7. We do not tolerate any stress, abuse, harassment, or violence to any member of our staff. If this is the issue, your animal will be returned to yourself and you will be asked to leave the premises. We at Mucky Paws Grooming would hold all rights to keep full payment. All future bookings will instantly be cancelled and deposits are non-refundable.

8. We at Mucky Paws Grooming reserve the right to refuse entry to any animal at our discretion.

9. It is you the owners’ responsibility to inform us of your animals’ relevant medical history, or any medication your animal may be currently on. Or any skin tags, warts, sore patches, or abrasions. You the owner must inform us upon arrival. We Mucky Paws Grooming will not be held responsible if you the owner fail to do so.

10. In the event of your animals ear hair being removed you are fully aware that the disturbance of the hair being removed could cause your animal to shake his or her head, as it is an alien feeling to them.

11. You also agree that if your animal is matted, and we are unable to brush the matts out, or it would cause too much discomfort to your animal, you agree for the matts to be clipped away. We at Mucky Paws Grooming will always try to contact you via phone call beforehand, but if we cannot get in contact with you, or you do not answer, we will proceed with clipping.

12. We at Mucky Paws Grooming always try to achieve the desired look you the owner are after, but if this is for whatever reason not possible, you do not hold Mucky Paws Grooming responsible. We at Mucky Paws Grooming remain to hold the rights to full payment.

13. You the owner agree to our company policy in regards to our retail items. We do not refund but only exchange. You the client must contact our parlour and speak with a member of staff within 48 hours of purchase. Anything after that time would not be eligible for an exchange. Items that are exchanged must be in a re-saleable condition. Any items that are not will be refused exchange.

Monday – Sunday inclusive. All appointments by prior arrangement.

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